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Caroma is an Australian company founded on innovation. Over seven decades ago the founder - Charles Rothauser, a South Australian man - solved the problem of brass fittings and pipes rusting due to Adelaide's corrosive water. How did he do it? By creating the world's first all-plastic one-piece moulded cistern.

Since then, Caroma has continued to make innovation a core focus of the company, placing them on the cutting edge of urinal technology.

What does that focus mean for Caroma's urinal range?

From Caroma’s commitment to their Australian heritage and their choice to allow innovation for the future to overrule tradition, Caroma has created a urinal that is proudly Australian and distinctively made with the Australian climate in mind.

Australia is a dry country, making our remarkably clean water a precious commodity. Low flush volume urinals and water saving urinals will always be a focus of Caroma; that means that when you invest in Caroma, Caroma invests in our future.

When you invest in Caroma, Caroma Invests in our future.

What part has Caroma played in the bathroom industry?

True to their focus, Caroma has continued to innovate. The all-plastic one-piece moulded cistern created in the 1950s was just a starting point. In the 1980s Caroma again innovated by creating the world’s first true two button flushing system. In the 1990s they redesigned the toilet bowl to remove all the waste but only using half the water. And recently? Now they have focused on designing a men’s urinal that uses no water at all.

Waterless Urinals - Caroma H2Zero

Caroma Cube H2Zero Waterless UrinalThe Caroma H2Zero Waterless Urinal is the current love child between Caroma’s innovation and persistent quality. When it comes to waterless urinal technology the H2Zero Cube Urinal raises the bar: it is equipped with a patented cartridge design that allows a high quantity of liquid to pass through it, and is a far superior method to other designs that use liquid chemicals to create a trap seal. The Caroma H2Zero Cartridge bio-seal forms a one way flow that prevents odours and overflow as a result of drainage back pressure.

When Caroma designed the H2Zero Cube Urinal they had in mind both water saving and sustainability for Australian companies and buildings. Moreover they wanted this urinal to stand apart from other waterless urinals in the ease of its maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene.

The Urinal Shop works with the Caroma Urinal product range on a regular basis and are experienced in both maintenance and cleaning of Caroma urinals. The H2Zero Cube Urinal is no exception, in fact The Urinal Shop stocks and sells both the Caroma H2Zero Urinal, their replacement cartridges and service kits.