Water conservation services international supplies a operated (Direct Mains flushing) urinal systems. Our FlushSaver systems will not only improve hygiene and help stop vandalism but most importantly save you precious drinking water.

Apart from our urinal sensor they offer a range of other solutions including Direct Mains flushing “Touch Pad WC Pan” units (no cisterns) with a Stainless Steel or Glass (any colour) finish Touch Pad Taps and Showers with a Stainless Steel finish and Sensor operated (hands free) Taps, Showers, Pans & Urinals with a stainless Steel or Glass (any colour) finish.

To View WCS's full range of product please visit there Website www.watercon.com.au

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FlushSaver Auto Urinal Sensor
FlushSaver Smart Urinal Systems The FlushSaver Urinal Flush Sensor device can flush one or multiple urinals with the ability to control up to 2 separate solenoid valves. The FlushSaver Urinal Unit is microprocessor based and incorporates an internally generated microwave field (allowing concealed installation)...
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