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Product Details: Each tab contains a green block with selected bacteria which continually
produce powerful enzymes to help digest organic matter like uric salt and sludge; also has a
copper inhibitor that coats and protects pipes from being attacked by ammonia.
Problems Solved: The GREEN-TAB is a simple and effective way of helping to maintain water-less and conventional urinals. Does not harm septic tanks or the environment and helps to coat the plumbing and protect pipes from being attacked by ammonia. Removes the source of problems and leaves amenities fresh smelling and hygienic.

Directions for Use: Place in urinal trough or basin and replace when green block is completely used. Works best when cigarette butts and chewing gum etc. are removed.

Our range of products for amenities as toilets, bathrooms, laundreys, etc. have been formulated with a
combination of beneficial specifically selected patented bacteria which produce powerful enzymes to rapidly digest problems encountered in a range of amenities. The natural bacteria cultures are effective at digesting organic matter; after a short time in the environment each bacterial cell begins to reproduce enzymes to en-sure the process of degrading the food source to obtain nutrients and energy. The bacteria then begin to
reproduce rapidly, manufacturing more and more enzymes and degrading more of the organic matter. The food source for the bacteria is urine, vomit, blood, soap scum and related organic and animal waste products. Our products generally include a natural citrus based fragrance that is compatible with the bacteria and covers the odours as the bacteria go to work.
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