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Britex Australia

Britex Australia are one of the only companies in the country offering a number of wall hung urinals combining the convenience of a urinal smart flush system, with the technology of a completely waterless urinal meaning your urinals will smell great and work as efficiently as any flushing urinal currently on the market.

Britex Australia also pride themselves on being one of the only companies to have all of the products watermarked and WELS certified meaning they can be installed nationwide with full peace of mind.

Watersaving Urinal Britex


The Britex Watersaving Urinal is a great, vandal resistant water saving fixture that incorporates the unique 'Britex Waterless' outlet requiring no costly replaceable cartridge,bio block or sealant fluid. Instead the Britex waterless urinal outlet utilises a self sealing one way diaphragm that allows...

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Wall Hung Urinal Trough Britex


The BRITEX Wall Hung Urinal Trough is manufactured from 1.2mm heavy duty stainless steel and is ideal for commercial building, site sheds, portable buildings and ablution blocks. Easy to install and compatible with assorted flushing systems , The Britex Wall Hung Urinal Trough comes in both standard...

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Regency Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Regency Urinal is the most hygienic stainless steel urinal in the BRITEX hinged grate range. With the same extensive list of benefits as our ever-popular Sanistep urinal, the Regency features additional flushing side walls that return all the way to the front of the urinal, protecting side...

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Regal Urinal Britex


The Britex Regal Urinal is perfectly suited to areas requiring optimal resistance to vandalism such as public toilets,nught clubs,pubs and sports pavilions. Supplies with a concealed rear inlet and incorporating a stylish appearance the Regal Urinal is also a fina addition to bathrooms that require a...

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Super Step Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Superstep Urinal has been developed specifically for use in early education facilities. The extra wide step encourages younger boys to stand on the flushed tray area and prevents splashing or dripping that can cause unhygienic conditions. Full flushing of the tray along with our weir style...

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Baren Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Barren Flushing and Waterless Urinal is a contemporary looking urinal which provides enormous water saving without compromising on aesthetics. Key to the barren waterless urinal is its unique outlet that requires no costly replaceable cartridge,sealant fluid or biological block. Instead,the...

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Arid Trough Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Arid Trough Urinal has been developed for today's environment where saving both time and water has become paramount. Being manufactured of composite, this urinal is not only lightweight but also extremely robust. Fitting is effortless as there is no concrete step or tiling required, it may...

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Arid Pod Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Arid Urinal Pod is a 100% Australian product, designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. Unlike most waterless urinals, the Arid does not use a messy cartridge or chemicals that require regular maintenance. The body of the urinal is manufactured from tough, durable composite which...

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Sani Step Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Sanistep Urinal is the most frequently specified stainless steel urinal in Australia and can be found in many of Australia's iconic sports and entertainment stadiums. Manufactured from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel, Sanistep urinals are hand fabricated and fully welded with sturdy reinforcement...

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Esi Flow Urinal Britex


The BRITEX Esiflow Urinal is robust, economical and manufactured from durable 1.2mm stainless steel. A one piece design with the added benefit of reinforcing (larger models) to the rear ensures a structurally sound urinal. Our unique weir style flushing system is designed for minimum water and maximum...

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Britex Urinal Privacy Screen


Britex have developed an all new urinal privacy screen. This elegant vandal resistant stainless steel screen is the perfect way to improve the bathroom environment for your clients as well as ensure that all the urinals are being used evenly to help avoid issues related to overuse.

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Wall Hung Urinal Stall


The BRITEX Wall Hung Urinal Stall is designed for commercial or industrial applications that may be prone to vandalism. The one piece design makes this urinal suitable for areas where minimal maintenance is required. WaterMark and WELS certified as required by plumbing regulations and government legislation....

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