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BIO NATURAL SOLUTIONS waterless urinal product

Bio Natural Solutions

BN Solutions products now bear the well-recognised approval of Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and there products are now certified as eco-friendly. Bio Natural Solutions offer the first and only GECA approved microbial products and the only eco-labelled janitorial products in Australia.

io Natural Solutions offers waterless urinal retrofit products to fit almost every style of flushing urinal. 

Green Tab Bio Natural Solutions

Product Details: Each tab contains a green block with selected bacteria which continually produce powerful enzymes to help digest organic matter like uric salt and sludge; also has a copper inhibitor that coats and protects pipes from being attacked by ammonia. Problems Solved: The GREEN-TAB is a simple...

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DIY Urinal Service Kit


Looking for an environmentally friendly way to clean your urinal. Try our DIY Kit today!! This DIY starter kit allows the user to try our cultured friendly bacteria in a men s urinal and find out how well it addresses urinal smells and bio-degrades uric salts into H2O, CO2 and basic minerals. The trial...

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Green Sleeve Water Saving Urinal Bio Natural Solutions


Product Details: Green Sleeve is an easy-to-fit, low cost, replaceable consumable suited to retro-fitting urinals (old and new). It fits into the existing outlet hole of urinals by way of our complete range of adaptors for all sizes of outlet holes found in bowl and trough urinals. Problems Solved: Locks...

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Waterless Urinal Oil Bio Natural Solutions


Product Details : Oil based product with bacteria designed to trap water and urine thereby containing urine odours and providing a supportive environment to our bacteria in waterless urinals that enable these bacteria to live and decompose urine-based and related wastes. Problems Solved : Seals offensive...

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Waterless Urinal Cubes Bio Natural Solutions


Product Details: Urinal blocks (also known as urinal lollies,urinal cakes or urinal cubes) are mainly to disinfect and deodorise men's urinals. Our urinal blocks contain "friendly bacteria cultures and a citrus based fragrance, all of which are natural, safe to use and help digest organic matter, in...

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Wee Off


Do you have problems with little(and big) boys aim? Does the toilet seat spend more time up then down in your house? Do you have a naughty puppy or mischievous cat? Then Wee Off if the product for you. Wee off has been extensively tested by my wife and she guarantees it is the best product she has ever...

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Cleaning Concentrate Bio Natural Solutions


Washroom Concentrate Cleaner Now With GECA Certification 100% Chemical Free One-Stop Cleaner to replace many cleaning products; makes 10:1 Product Details: Cleaner concentrate consisting of cultured bacteria and a citrus-based fragrance that replaces several types of chemical cleaners applied to floors,...

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