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AQUA Waterless urinal products


Aqua Offer a range of cost effective products for flushing, low flush and waterless urinals.

Aqua's range retrofit products are environmentally friendly, easy to use and ensure your bathroom is looking and smelling great. 

AquaTab Urinal Cake


AquaTab Urinal Cakes (50 pack) Sets a new standard for the condition of both flushing and waterless urinals. This Australia made. Environmentally friendly tablet is proving to be the perfect solution for combating the build up of uric scale(brown stains) common in many urinals around the country. Equally...

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AquaValve - Smell topper for floor wastes


AquaValve is used to stop odours and vermon from entering the washroom via the floor wastes (Drains). The valve is attached to the bottom of the drain cover and will allow water to enter the drain but will not allow any back flow. AquaValve is Watermark Approved AquaValve is Easily retrofitted AquaValve...

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Aqua Sleeve


This is a low cost consumable and can be retro-fitted to existing urinals as well as fitted to new units. Its unique odour locking design lines the internal surface of the waste outlet and trap, which is a major source of unpleasant smells.Another key feature is its adjustable top cap allowing the flow...

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AquaDisc waterless urinal trap cover


This Australian designed and manufactured disc uses A Bio enzyme tablet technology to prevent the buildup of uric scale the main cause of smell problems in urinal drains.  Its large 100mm diameter allows it to be used in existing urinals and troughs with out the need to use traditional...

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AquaClean 5ltr washroom cleaner Concentrate


Our very own totally unique bacterial formula. Developed with the Environment in mind. Highly concentrated quality environmentally friendly cleaner for all areas of the washroom, contains natural good bacteria, lime and uric scale removers and a brilliant fragrance. Extremely effective in breaking down...

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AquaClean 5ltr Ready to use


100% all natural, multi-purpose biological cleaner. Our AquaClean is specially designed with "YOU" in mind. Derived from naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, enzyme producing bacteria. AquaClean is one of the toughest "green" cleaners on the market. Once applied to the soiled area, the bacteria contained...

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Wave Urinal Screen / Urinal Mats


The Wave urinal screens are now available at the Urinal Shop. The wave urinal screen is 15 times stronger the other screens on the market and is proving to be a very good product to fight the odour causing bacteria and stop the growth of uric scale in both waterless and flushing urinals. The wave urinal...

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